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Have you already heard about Prague in Czech Republic? Most probably yes and this is also the reason why you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You heard a lot about this historical jewel in Europe and now you want to feel the atmosphere during your holiday too... And the best holiday means also great treatment in hotel where you stay! Holidays in Prague – this is not only touristic sights, good food and famous beer, but also your accommodation. You deserve comfortable and pleasant room in one of many hotels in Prague to enjoy your holiday!


Prague is the most important city in Czech Republic and it means also the most visited city by foreigners and locals. Prague is really charming place with many things to show and that´s why you should stay here more than one night only. And because you want to enjoy your holidays in Prague the best possible way, then be independent on your tour-operator and choose your hotel in Prague on your own!
Prague is famous for its picturesque historical centre where you can find also very romantic hotels which complete your imagination about this beautiful city. Here in Prague you find many different art galleries, museums, great shops with excellent cut glass and garnets and also many restaurants, clubs and discos where you can enjoy exciting night life….

About us

Our company Hotel Line Accommodation is Czech incoming tour-operator and we have been working with hotels in Prague since 1999. We offer reservations in hotels in Prague on-line for great prices due to our long cooperation with hotels in Prague.
We are full-service company, it means that we don´t ensure only hotels in Prague, but also transport services from Prague airport Ruzyne, railway stations and bus station to all hotels in Prague. And because we want our clients to enjoy their holidays in Prague the best way, we offer City tours as well.

Hotels in Prague

Prague is visited by foreigners from all over the world and hotels in Prague are ready for any wishes or special requests of their guests. Prague is divided into more than 20 districts and in all of them you can find loads of hotels. There are many beautiful excellent hotels in Prague, especially in the centre, where you can find also international chains of hotels. In these hotels in Prague you get the same standard as anywhere in the world, but in hotels in Prague you get more – warm treatment, romantic atmosphere, delicious food, famous beers and wines, great services and good price. In other parts of Prague you find also hotels of all categories, from simple 2* hotels to top 5* hotels where you enjoy every minute of your holiday.
Hotels in Prague centre are generally more expensive, but you really get what you pay for and something more – unforgettable impression from your holidays in this pearl of Europe.

How to choose accommodation in hotels in Prague

We have extensive database of hotels in Prague – all categories. You can see all details about hotels in Prague in our web sites, where are also price-lists and photos of all hotels in Prague that we have selected for you. Just check our web sites, choose the right category of hotels in Prague and surf which hotel is the most convenient for you. You can book your hotel in Prague directly on-line.
If you have any special request, don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.