About us

The Prague reservations service “Hotel Line Accommodation“ was founded in 1999 by Zdeněk Veselý-the travel agency.

  • We mediate accommodation in Prague for tourists, families, businessmen and small groups from all over the world for any period of time.
  • We offer good prices with no addition to a price.
  • We ensure accommodation also in other hotels than those offered by us.
  • The seat of the Hotel Line Accommodation company is in Prague and is always in contact with hotels. Therefore it can reply to any needs of its clients.
  • We offer transportation services from the Prague airport, railway stations, and the main bus station to the hotel and vice versa.
  • We offer City Tours. 
  • Credit cards are accepted.

Contact us

Address: Žalovská 435, 181 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Tel.(non-stop): +420-604 488 096
Tel.: +420-233 553 394
Fax: +420-233 553 394
E-mail: info@hotelline.cz

Our banker:

Zdeněk Veselý – Hotel Line Accommodation
Ceskoslovenská Obchodní Banka, a.s.
Ke Stírce 50/242, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Acc.No.: CZK 135258914/0300
Swift code: CEKOCZPP
IBAN: CZ06 0300 0000 0001 3525 8914

  • Through us you will get fast answers. If your request comes by e-mail our goal is to respond to you within 24 hours. Our Prague e-mail is info@hotelline.cz
  • All our customers get access to our week day hot line (+420-604 488 096). From 7.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. there will be an English speaking person at the office. You can call us if you have any problems with the hotel, or if you want to order one of our services.